Investment Sectors

To be a part of the Region’s Largest Healthcare Community Invest In Sharjah Healthcare City

Hospitals, Clinics & Labs

Hospitals of various bed capacities under the healthcare licenses issued by SHCC Authority can be set up by the investors, preferably in the same line of activity. Hospitals can be multi-specialty or stand-alone specialty centers. Various sizes of plots can be leased for this purpose.

Similarly, clinics of various sizes can be leased from the clinical suites available or can be built on a leased plot of land. The clinics can be procedure-driven or non-procedure-driven. Laboratories may also be set up independently.

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Rehabilitation Centers
  • Rehab centers of both physical and mental rehabilitation centers, in-patient and out-patient. Physical rehab includes various therapies to help a person restore function after illness or injury. These therapies can include Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy etc. Mental rehab centers includes Counseling centers, Stress and depression management centers, Personality development centers, etc.
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Office Suites & Research Centers

Office units can be leased out for various purposes of various sizes. Healthcare consultancy offices, representative offices, pharma company offices, healthcare software companies can use these offices.

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Warehouses & Light Healthcare Industries

Healthcare supporting industries like storage of consumable and healthcare equipment/accessories can be opened in a leased warehousing facility. Similarly, light assemble units of healthcare equipment can also be opened.

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CAM Centers

Complimentary and alternative medicine is a growing trend now and dedicated centers can be opened like Ayurveda, homeopathy, ancient Chinese medicine etc.

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Hospitality Centers

Supporting services like hotels, motels, and service apartments can be built on leased plots and operated by interested investors inside SHCC.

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Wellness Centers

Wellness centers like high-end spas, yoga training centers, sports therapy centers, and health clubs can be opened.

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