Health Regulations

The Health Regulation Department works on preparing and developing the systems, policies and standards necessary for the continuous growth of the health sector in the Emirate of Sharjah. It is responsible for supervising health facilities and health professionals licensed by Sharjah Health Authority by authorizing them to practice the profession in accordance with the approved standards and controls. In addition, it is also responsible for monitoring and inspecting healthcare facilities and professionals to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations and provisions in this regard. It also works on managing and following-up medical governance in Sharjah Healthcare City, as the department works to achieve the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qassimi, the Ruler of Sharjah, to establish a global healthcare city that provides health services of the highest standards to the residents of the Emirate of Sharjah and other emirates.


1. New Professional Registration (& Re-Registration)

Through this service, a professional assessment certificate can be obtained.      
Output: Assessment Certificate

2. Application for Hiring HPL

This service allows the facility owner or his representative to issue a health professional license and link them to the facility as one of their employees.
Output: Professional License Card, Professional License Certificate

3. Professional License Renewal

Through this service, the healthcare facility associated with SHA can request for the renewal of professional license.
Output: Professional License Card, Professional License Certificate

4. Professional License Cancellation

Through this service, the healthcare facility associated with SHA can request the cancellation of healthcare professional license.  
Output: Cancellation Letter

5. Professional Title Request Add Secondary Title

Through this service, the healthcare professional can request to add or change the current title.
Output: Assessment Certificate

6. Certificate of Current Status

Through this service, the healthcare facility associated with SHA can request the Current Status (Good Standing) Certificate through the system.  
Output: Current Status Certificate

7. Part Time Request

Through this service, a healthcare professional can submit a part-time application.
Output: Professional License Card, Professional License Certificate

8. Amend Part Time Request

Through this service, the healthcare professional can amend the part time request by extending or cancelling the request.  
Output: Professional License Card, Professional Licenses Certificate

9. License Card Issuance

Through this service, a representative of a licensed health facility can apply for Health Professional license card for their licensed professional.
Output: Professional License Card

10. License Card Re-print

Through this service, a health care professional can submit a request to re-print the license card.    
Output: Professional License Card


1. Healthcare Facility Preliminary Approval

This service allows the healthcare facility's representative to submit all related information to request approval to open or re-open a health facility, which is granted after ensuring the facility's compliance with Sharjah Health Authority (inside and outside SHCC).      
Output: Initial approval letter to open new Healthcare Facility

2. HFL Permanent Approval

Through this service, permanent approval to open or re-open a health facility is granted after ensuring the facility's compliance with Sharjah Health Authority’s specifications and maintaining standards of inspection.    
Output: Health Facility License

3. Extension of Preliminary Approval

Through this service, healthcare facilities can apply for extension of their Preliminary approval up to 6 months.
Output: Initial approval letter to open new Healthcare Facility

4. Renew Healthcare Facility License

Through this service, healthcare facilities can renew their active or inactive licenses. Renewal is available within 30 days prior to expiry of the license after clearing any violations or penalties on the facility’s account and ensuring compliance with Sharjah Health Authority specifications and standards.
Output: Health Facility License        

5. Modifying Healthcare Facility Name

Through this service, healthcare facilities can change or modify the name of the facility, which should be compliant with SHA regulations.
Output: Approval letter to Modify Healthcare Facility name, Healthcare Facility License

6. Change Plan, Location, Specialties or Beds

Through this service, the healthcare facility can apply to amend the engineering plans of the healthcare facility and choose the required change as follows:

  • Change of plan
  • Change of location
  • Change of specialization
  • Changing beds -> only applies to HFL category = hospital or day surgery
  • Output: Non-objection letter, Operating license for the health facility / with update

7. Registration of Ambulance - Medicine Transportation

This service allows the registration of an ambulance or a medical transport vehicle belonging to the healthcare facility.
Output: NOC to registered new ambulance 

8. Cancel Healthcare Facility License

Through this service, the healthcare facility can apply to cancel a Preliminary Approval or a Permanent license.
Output: Letter to cancel Healthcare Facility License

9. Healthcare Facility "Temporary Closing/Suspension of Activity"

Through this service, healthcare facilities can apply for temporary closure or suspension of the activity.                        
Output: Temporary closing of the facility or suspend activity approval letter

10. Amend Temporary closing for Healthcare Facility or Suspension of the activity

Through this service, healthcare facilities can request extension or end the temporary closing or suspension of the activity.
Output: Amend Temporary closing of the facility or suspend activity approval letter

11. Activate Specialty and/or Beds 

This service allows licensed healthcare facility with a valid permanent License to activate beds and/or specialties.
Output: Approval letter to activate specialty or bed in the Facility

12. Request to Change Bed Types  

This service allows licensed hospital that has either Preliminary Approval or permanent License to change its bed types.  
Output: Approval of the application

13. Change/Update Healthcare Facility Contacts

Through this service, the user can change Medical Director and the Pharmacist In-Charge.    
Output: Approval letter to change the Medical Director or pharmacist in charge

14. Change Healthcare Facility Type

This service allows to change the health facility type.
Output: Healthcare Facility License, Approval letter to change Healthcare Facility type

15. Request Controlled Prescription Pads, Registry Books and Return Vouchers

This service allows the healthcare facility to request prescription pads, registered books (for Controlled and Narcotics) drugs and return vouchers.
Output: Prescription books, registration books, and return slips

16. License Application for Health Advertisement

This service allows obtaining a Sharjah Health Authority approval to license/renew an advertisement within the health field in SHA, through advertisement channels, websites, SMS and social media. This includes the advertising of services of health facility/health professionals' medical devices – educational health programs and campaigns – scientific events, conferences and workshops – medical chemical products derived from natural resources.        
Output: Approval of advertisement

17. Amend the Registration of an Ambulance or Medical Transport

This service allows the applicant to renew / change the owner / cancel / upgrade - downgrade / change paramedics to register an ambulance or a medical means of transportation belonging to a health facility / non-health facility.
Output: Modification approval letter

HPL Required Documents:

  1. Recent photo of the applicant with white background
  2. Valid passport copy
  3. Family book for UAE nationals and children of Emirati mothers
  4. Academic Qualification
  5. Transcript Certificate/Mark sheet (if applicable)
  6. Recent Experience certificates
  7. Good standing certificate (CGS) issued by the current licensed health authority
  8. Internship completion certificate (optional)
  9. High school certificate (optional)
  10. Evaluation from the Ministry of Health / Dubai Health Authority / Department of Health Abu Dhabi (if applicable)
  11. A copy of the current license (if applicable)
  12. BLS/CPR Training Certificate
  13. Surgical logbook (for surgical specialties)
  14. A copy of the Emirates ID (optional)
  15. A copy of the medical fitness certificate if the applicant is over 60 years old
  16. Training/CME certificate (if applicable)
  17. Signed contract / Job offer
  18. Medical malpractice insurance (to be provided after issuing the license)
  19. Other documents (optional)

HFL Required Documents

  1. SHA consent and undertaking form
  2. Passport Copy card of the owner(s)/Partner(s)/ Authorized person
  3. United Arab Emirates Identifications card of the owner(s) /Partner(s)/ Authorized person
  4. Proposal letter
  5. Power of attorney in case there is an authorized person (for companies enclose Memorandum of association)
  6. Trade name reservation from the Economic Development/Trade license 
  7. Upload Layout / floor plan for facility
  8. Upload Affection plan from Directorate of Town Planning and Survey
  9. List of healthcare professionals
  10. Medical director appointment
  11. Approval of the emergency operation plan from emergency & disaster management division
  12. Registration of Wekaya (Medical Waste)
  13. Initial registration with FANR is required if the healthcare facility provide radiology equipment
  14. Infection control policy and guidelines
  15. List of medical devices
  16. Medical malpractice insurance


SHCC is committed to support strenuous efforts of UAE to combat global money laundering and financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) and to implement the standards set by the International Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Ministry of Economy UAE. We would like to hereby provide related information and links to materials that we expect our client to be aware of and in compliance with.

AML/CFT Legislation, Rules and Regulations of UAE

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Targeted Financial Sanctions Guide. Read More
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For Queries & Clarifications

Should you have queries, please address it to the following email:

Dear SHCC Investor,
as per the Cabinet Resolution No. 58 of 2020 (the ‘Decision’) on the “Regulation of[SA1] Procedures Related to Real Beneficiaries “published by the UAE Ministry of Economy On 28th August 2020. The Decision requires companies based in the UAE mainland and free zones to maintain registers of their beneficial owners and shareholders. Further, the decisions require that the companies file their registers with the relevant registrar and licensing authorities.

AML/CFT Legislation, Rules and Regulations of UAE
  • To maintain UAE’s economic position with International requirements.
  • To regulate minimum obligations in disclosure of Beneficial Owners, Shareholders, Partners & Nominee Board Members.
  • To have effective & enduring regulatory mechanism & procedures for the beneficial owner data.
Beneficial Owner or Real Beneficiaries
  • A person that ultimately owns or controls, whether directly through a chain of ownership or control or by other means of control such as the right to appoint or dismiss the majority of its Directors, 25% or more of the shares or 25% or more of the voting rights in the Legal Person.
  • If no real Beneficiary fits the criteria above, or there is any doubt over who has final controlling, the physical person who exercises control over the Entity through any other means shall be the Real Beneficiary.
  • If no physical person is determined, the Real Beneficiary shall be the physical person who holds the position of the person in charge of Senior Management.
  • A Real Beneficiary can be made up of more than one person i.e. where more than one person participates in the ownership or control they shall all be dealt with as owners and controllers.
  • Scope:
    Cabinet Decision No. 58 of 2020 is applicable to all Legal Persons (having separate Legal Identity) licensed & registered in the UAE i.e. Legal Person in the UAE Mainland & Non-Financial Free Zones
Registers to be maintained:

Companies have to create and maintain the following registers at their office:

  • Register of shareholders.
  • Register of beneficial owners
  • Register of nominee directors
    i.e. the person following the guidelines or instructions issued by another person.


Companies covered by the Decision are required to maintain and submit the required information within 60 days from date of promulgation of the above Decision or at the time of incorporation of a new entity to their respective Registrars.

As the Registrar of the Companies incorporated in SHCC, you must notify us the aforesaid Ultimate Beneficiary Owner’s information and any change or amendment thereafter within 15 days of such change or amendment.

Other Key Requirements:
  • Every Entity must take reasonable measures to obtain appropriate, accurate and up-to-date data for the Registers and preserve its records from damage, loss or destruction. They must also appoint an individual point of contact (resident in the UAE) and provide the details of that contact to the Registrar..
  • The Decision details the data to be collected and entered on each respective Register. Any additional data requested by the Registrar shall need to be provided by the deadline specified in the data request.
  • Entities in a regulated market, in a state of dissolution or liquidation are subject to adjusted filing requirements under the Decision.
  • Any case of a violation to the provisions of this Decision can result in the Minister of Economy or the Licensing Authority imposing one or more sanctions.

You may refer the Cabinet Decision here in:


Beneficial Owner Procedure Regulation Webinar

Click here to watch the webinar organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Executive Office of Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing.